Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome to Key Frame Illustration~!!

Hi class,

Welcome to our Fall 2013 Key Frame Illustration class blog. This space is created for you to share work in progress, help each other in work critiques, and share class demos and notes.

Hope you will enjoy your visit and find this an useful tool to learn and communicate with each other.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in class.

CDA is a user of Google’s Blogger site and will reserve a separate blog for each class for students to post homework and comments. Students will then receive an email from CDA inviting them to the blog, which is open only students enrolled in the class. Students may not invite others to the blog. You must first set up an account with Google to enter the Blogger site. As such, you are subject to Google’s terms of service, which may be found at the following link . CDA is not a site provider and is thus a user of the Blogger site as are students. Moreover, CDA does not monitor or filter the posting content uploaded directly by students. Accordingly, CDA takes no responsibility for such content, which is the responsibility of the individual student who made the posting. As co-users of the Blogger site, we ask that you review and respect Blogger’s terms of service. As originators of works of art, students may be particularly interested in reviewing the section on intellectual property, which describes both the rights of Google and the rights of the individual user of the Blogger site. CDA respects copyrights and expects students to uphold copyright law. One should assume that any creative material is protected by copyright unless specific permission is given to copy it. You may find more information about copyright at the United States Copyright Office. . (Please note that the information presented in this section is not legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only.)


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